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On the article "Shall we go discount shopping at the 'Ameyoko' shopping street full of history and energy?," we introduced about the Tataki-uri*1 as "Enjoy both the reasonable price and the performance at once.h

*1 'Tataki-uri,' is a highly discount sales.

The name "Ameyoko" came from these candy stores selling candies and snacks coming from the U.S. Army. Out of these candy stores, today we will introduce the "Shimura Candy Shop. " It is really famous for its Tataki-uri.

What is Shimura Candy Shop?

Shimura Candy Shop, is a shop in Ameyoko famous for selling chocolate with Tataki-uri performance.

A middle aged man jams chocolates and snacks into a plastic bag to sell, in an environment surrounded by snacks and chocolates stacked so high, high enough to become worried if it will not collapses.

A pack of snacks full with domestic and foreign well-known manufacturers about 2,500 yen worth of, is priced at just for 1,000 yen.

Feels like Happy and good memories.

Shimura Candy Shop at Ameyoko shopping street